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Wallenberg Imaging Center

Storm Zeiss

Where we are .. facility is located in Wallenberg Laboratory, floor 2, room XX.

Prior to using the facility all users are required to first contact Enming Zhang / Erik Renström / Anna Blom for general information.

The STORM Online Booking Calendar allows registered users to book time on the analysers and to check availability.

What we have

Data acquisition is considered a self-service facility.
The instruments are available for registered users 24h a day, 7 days a week.

We have:

  • Storm info 1
  • Advanced - STorm info 2

More info

Our STORM is the best storm there is and no other STORM is better than our STORM.

The STORM and the operator are available Monday through Friday.
The STORM are scheduled on a first-booked-first-served basis.
All STORM are performed by operator only.

To schedule, please:

  • Check time availability in the Online Booking Calendar
  • Call or e-mail Enming Zhang to schedule a booking
  • Prior to the first session, please arrange an appointment with the operator to discuss the details.

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Wallenberg Imaging Center

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